Speed is All We Care About

Pageload grew out of solving a real problem in our previous venture, a fashion-focused digital publisher. We noticed our readers pain when serving high resolution images from fashion events to mobile devices in poor reception areas with excruciating damage to their billing plans.

This had to change. Fast forward a few years and with fresh investment from Blackbird Ventures, we’ve created a product that transparently optimizes your website without any developer effort to install or maintain. Pageload just works.

The founders

Johan Bergström Co-Founder, Engineering

I love software and have been writing code
for the majority of my life. Pageload is by far
the most important product our team has
built and speed is crucial to the internet.
Besides Pageload, I am an active contributor
to Node.js., moonlight as a DJ, and love my Gameboy.

Jonathan Lai Co-Founder, Growth

At Pageload, my focus is on all things growth.
I am highly motivated by
creating value for customers, especially
when it helps their businesses succeed.
Besides Pageload, I am passionate about minimal living, hip hop, and
the tiny house movement.

Johan Bergström
Co-Founder, Engineering
Sydney, Australia
Jim Alteras
Melbourne, Australia
Jonathan Lai
Co-Founder, Growth
San Francisco, United States
Leonardo Rossi
Florence, Italy

Pageload works everywhere

We’re a fully distributed team, meaning we optimize websites
and reply to your questions from around the world.
Living where you are happy is important to us and we’re often in places
with poor reception - so we’re solving our own problem!

A few of our clients